Golam RabbaniNayan Bangalee

I am a social worker. I have been working in this field for last 20 years. I currently am working for a non-profit
organization that focuses on children leadership.


I am a social worker. I have been working in this field for last 20 years. I currently am working for a non-profit organization that focuses on children leadership. I am one of the founders of several non-profit organizations back in Bangladesh. I was involved actively at the very grassroot level activities of the organizations I worked for. I also have the experience to work at the management level in some of them. I managed crisis and emergencies of the beneficiaries of different projects for many times and helped them accordingly. I resolved many cases of community conflicts and provided guidance and support for those in need. I was given the responsibility to develop inter personal relationship within family members in a family welfare organization I was involved. I have intensive experience to work with young victims; I gave them hope, motivation and helped them with solutions. I have additional expertise on working with orphan children.Also Read This Post : soft aim fortnite

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Why Golam Rabbani want to continue his study , research as a fellow of any institution

As I see it, the benefits of research and engagement with this reputed organization in the 21st century are not just career oriented. Being able to add value in your life and develop yourself is invaluable, and having this fellowship would help me to accomplish that dreams and what I desire to do for others. Among the top priorities of my work, the first and foremost would be to provide Read More

Human Right activities of Nayan Bangalee

G M Rabbani is working for the last 12 years as a Human Rights Activist. It is the urge of establishing human rights that drew me in studying Jurisprudence and practice in Legal profession. Achieving Graduation in LLB and LLM from World University, he was Read More

In front of party chairperson. Begum khaleda Zia. I moderated the program

Reeciption program of our Supreme coun bar president Jayrnt akdin who was eleeted by the lawyers as our leader

I was delivering Speech in front of the then prime Minister on National Youth Day

Ex-Chicf of Aramy Staff and me in the meating Youth Group

Delivering Speech in a non political platform
regardin the local Development Iesseic of changing

Receiving Presidential Best Youth Award

Skills of Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee

  • I am good at communication both verbal and written

  • I have a great experience in fundraising and donor relationship development

  • I am always popular in my family, among my friends and coworkers for my friendly behavior

  • I have motivational capacity

  • I am good in organizational capacity development

  • I am experienced in behavioral counseling

  • I adopted and introduced different support strategies for victims of various situation

  • I am experienced to work with people from different background, country, culture, socio-economic condition. As I worked with distressed Rohingya and Bihari families.

  • I have the ability of multi-tasking

  • I am organized and very good in timing, scheduling and prioritizing

  • I am very Open minded, Compassionate and Patient

  • My decision-making skill is very strong

  • I am good at paper work. When I study any case, I study its ins and outs. I am good at report writing, too.

  • I am confident to handle stressful situation and can nicely work under pressure

  • I am a strong believer of doing meaningful job in life that will impact people’s life and help families

  • My weakness is kids; I am determined to work hard for giving any kids from any background a safe and
    caring place

  • Wherever I worked, I am always a helpful and friendly team worker

  • I consider myself a master in public relations; I am very good at interpersonal relationships.

  • While working for different non-profits in Bangladesh; I was given the responsibility of coordination,
    monitoring and supervision in many of their projects/cases

  • I am good at social research

  • I am experienced to work with special needs children

  • I worked in many projects in my life that gave me the practical knowledge of cultural competencies

  • I am good in instant decision making and planning an action even in an uncomfortable situation

  • I am bold enough to work in hostile environment

  • I have long experience to conduct trainings

I received National Youth Medal as the best youth organizer from the then Prime Minister.

Golam Rabbani, an educated and professional political leader, is nominated by the country’s largest political party as mayor of the Islani government election. Before his election, his social economic and family were happy and rhythmic. At home, including his parents and sisters, everyone was excited about the life and joy of life. On December 30, 2004, he received National Youth Medal as the best youth organizer from the then Prime Minister. Later, as a social worker, he got the  Read More

Police Killed 7 People in Narayngong
and one of the victim was alawyes
was protesting that killing

Protest Rally at pallabi thana for the Polices

attack on former Dhaka citt Mayour sadek Hossen khoka

Protest against the killing of my colleague
advocate M U Ahmed in front of Court

I was Surrounded by the Journalists while
I was taken into the police station by a police van

Police charged baton on a peaceful
leaded by me infront of press club

police obstacled of organise the program

“Golam feels that his all social worker and political activist should continue their study”

“I think learning is your every day normal life whether you are a student or a professional and this is really an effective process of your life if you can accept and adjust it that’s why I am a lifelong learner and student” – Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee

To abolish the corporate culture in politics we need to recruit more social worker in politics
Nayan Bangalee
সমাজকর্মীরা একটি সমাজের প্রতি যে দায়বদধতা ও আন্তরিকতা দেখায় তা একজন ব্যবসায়ী শুধু লাভ ক্ষতির হিসেব মিলায় সেই সমাজে
নয়ন বাংগালি, সমাজকর্মী
We will make our country a strong labor welfare state
Nayan Bangalee, Social Worker