Do Flame Retardants Make Us Dimmer?

Do Flame Retardants Make Us Dimmer? I bought a new king-sized mattress when I was in the second trimester of pregnancy, my husband and. As with any cotton mattresses sold in the U.S., ours was indeed addressed having a flame retardant containing polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and/or organohalogen substances (OHCs). Flame retardants will also be in pillows, airplane and car seats, drapes, rugs, and insulation. They’re in electronic gear, like TVs, plus in the dirt together with TVs. They’re in and breast milk. Virtually all people have actually flame retardants moving through their veins. All over exact same time we got my brand brand new mattress ( by which we tossed and switched in 3rd trimester), two astonishing studies had been posted regarding the ramifications of flame retardants on fetuses and young kids. A team of scientists during the University of Gronigden in holland recruited almost 70 expectant mothers in 3rd trimester, using examples of their blood and calculating it for PBDEs and OHCs. 5 years later on, the youngsters got standardised developmental tests for motor abilities (stability and coordination), cognition (cleverness, spatial abilities, control, spoken memory, and attention), and behavior. […]