Do we need to spell that one out you came, I think for you?

Do we need to spell that one out you came, I think for you? Among the hottest tracks ever made, it continues to have a number of the weirdest words. Congrats to Marvin for handling to equate a vacation towards the medical center with shagging. “Girl, you’ve got an ass like I never seen/And the ride, we state the trip can be so smooth/You needs to be a limousine” – minimal Red Corvette – Prince Prince really really loves classic vehicles nearly as much as he loves bums. Not exactly just as much, however it’s a run thing that is close. “I would like to bang you want an animal/I would like to feel you against the inside/I would like to screw you would like an animal/My existence that is whole flawed/You get me nearer to god” – Closer – Nine Inch finger finger Nails Despite these instead visual words, we reckon that every Trent Reznor wants is a great, old cuddle that is fashioned. “Pull up to my bumper baby/In your long limousine/Pull that is black to my bumper baby/And drive it in between” – Pull Up to your Bumper – Grace Jones Do we need to spell this 1 out for you personally? Please don’t make us, our mum may be reading. “Blood races to your spots/Let that is private me there’s a fire/You can’t fight passion whenever passion is hot/Temperatures increase inside my sugar walls” – Sugar Walls – Sheena Easton Unsurprisingly penned by Prince, this track assumes on the type or style of trip often reserved for Sheena’s gynaecologist. “You arrived, i believe? /Because the marble made my cheeks look red” – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings – Father John Misty We can’t state that there are many tracks about shagging in graveyards, but Father John Misty’s is among the most readily useful. […]